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Welcome to Real-Blackjack.co.uk, the UK's premier online blackjack information portal to real money blackjack online. Of course, this is not a casino itself, but I can show you the best place to set your bet if blackjack is your game. My name is Martin Templeman and I've been playing blackjack for a little over 14 years now. About five years ago I took what was a fairly refined playing style to the Internet, where new opportunities of online blackjack were starting to emerge.

Since then I have paid quite close attention to the evolution of online blackjack on the Internet, and have taken a keen interest in helping to educate people before they place a bet. This website is my offering back to the game that I've enjoyed so much over the years, and covers the tips I've only been able to learn from experience, in hopes of a new player somewhere not having to deal with each little stumbling block I was subject to.

The road to becoming a blackjack expert is a long one, as it is whenever one decides to develop an expertise. You can quickly learn the basics of the game, and even peer into the 'correct' decisions according to mathematical chance, thanks to computer simulations, but even with these admirable advantages, developing a gut instinct will take years of play. Does this mean you have to play for years before you can be profitable at online blackjack? Certainly not. Quite simply online blackjack is a game of ups and downs, where not even the most naive could truly feel they've gained an advantage. Playing within the rules doesn't allow for an advantage, in the mathematical sense. Of course, you can always try to find an off-road saloon where they wont notice your card counting (and I've included some good information on card counting for just this reason) - but back in the real world we have to deal with multiple decks, reshuffling shoes, and of course, the odds against us. If you love blackjack, take your play seriously, and you may find you can enjoy it for years to come without breaking the bank.

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