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The first thing to consider when choosing a good online blackjack casino to play for real money at is long term reputation. Do the casinos you're considering have a branded name? Have you heard of them outside of the advertisements they buy on places like this website? Incidentally the majority of the casinos that advertise here have build some brand recognition, though they may not all have to staying power of Goldenpalace.com, there are still solid alternatives.

Longevity is a good indicator of an online casinos security (you know, security that they don't cheat, and that you'll get paid) - it's surprisingly difficult for an online casino to stay in business these days if a player calls them out for cheating. Many of the most solid casinos have been around since 1996 or so. Eight years in business is good by any measures on the Internet these days, but more-so it provides some sense that the establishment is a not fly-by-night operation.

Land based casinos rely on walk-by traffic to come into the casino if they are situated in a high-foot traffic location. Online casinos on the other hand have to work to retain the players they reach via advertisements. This means that in general, as a low roller at least, an online casino will treat you better than the land based equivalent. Player retention is a major concern, and as a player, you can take advantage of this by getting as many comps and bonuses out of your online casino as possible. A blackjack player is more often comped online than other game players simply because you cannot easily cheat an online casino out of a blackjack bonus. If you were bonused for a roulette game for instance, you could play both colours to even out your bet, then simply cash out your 'winnings' when you had played the required amount of money through. A good number of online casinos were gamed by players this way in the first couple of years of operation. The bonus structures have become more complicated since then, and no games offering evenly hedge-able bets are applicable for online bonuses.

This is important to know when choosing which blackjack casino to place your money at, as it enables you to understand the way they bonus more clearly. You may be confused about the fact that online casinos are offering a 200% bonus on your initial deposit. Read the terms and conditions carefully. Most likely, as all new bonuses on the Internet have been for a while, a style of bonus whereby you are credited extra cash into your account based on how much you deposit, but that cash isn't really yours. You get to play with it, but you have to give it back at the end of your session. This is perfectly acceptable from our players viewpoint, because as you'll learn, a larger bankroll gives you more time to play, and greater flexability in your bets, enabling you to earn more over the same period of time. Just because you have to give it back doesn't mean it's fake, it's actually quite valuable. After all, the whole point is, if you happen to lose it and your initial deposit, you don't have to pay the casino back the money they comped you. It's a can't lose situation, and a possible win situation, I'll take that any day of the week.